While most people were tucking into Christmas lunch one noble Hope&Glory team was landing our last campaign of the year

So, full disclosure. When we pitched for this piece of work we signed up to a Christmas Day launch. And the team who took on the work were volunteers and well rewarded.

That out the way.

We’ve been launching the brand new Tourism Australia spot with none other than the wonderful Kylie Minogue. Alongside a host of other famous faces.

The ad extends the hand of “mate-ship” to us Brits who may have had a bit of a rough time of it on the international stage of late.

The ad’s musical accompaniment, dubbed Matesong, features Minogue singing about how we should “call on your friends in Australia” amid the political turmoil.

Other star turns include appearances from Shane Warne, Ian Thorpe and Adam Hills.

The campaign broke at 2.57 pm on Christmas Day. Just before the Queens Speech.

Our part in it started about three months ago and we’ve been working with the Great British media to make sure the story got a remarkable airing.

And so it did.

From The Guardian (page three, full page, couldn’t miss it) to the Daily Telegraph, the METRO to the Daily Mirror. Of course the joy of a PA bomb nailed the regionals. So far there’ve been well over 200 pieces of coverage in the UK and plenty more in Australia.

A very happy Christmas altogether.