When it comes to nailing blanket national coverage for The Royal Mint, we have to confess that we’re “gilt-ey” as charged

Since 2014, when we helped launch The Royal Mint’s bullion trading service, we’ve always looked forward to seeing (and selling in) the latest updates to the platform.

We thought the latest, allowing those with Self-Invested Personal Pension schemes to invest in Royal Mint bullion for the first time, was a timely move for the 1,000 year old business and one that – with interest in bullion at a high – the media was bound to love.

Predicting the story would be a hit with personal finance, business and pension journalists, the team hit the phones for a news sell-in, targeting national money pages and business sites that would capture the attention of all those who would like to add gold to their pension portfolios.

And attention was well and truly captured with the news splashed across the front page of not one, but two national newspapers (The Daily Telegraph and The Financial Times).

All this was supplemented by a very shiny batch of national pieces including The Times, Daily Mirror Online, Daily Express, BBC, The Independent and Financial Times Adviser. Not to mention a second spike of print in the money pages over the weekend appearing in the FT (again), Daily Telegraph (again), and The Sunday Times.

Another fantastic haul for The Royal Mint team …