What’s all this Hope&Glory PR nonsense all about then, eh?

Welcome … to the land of Hope&Glory.

We thought that we had best get around to explaining ourselves.

So we are a new consumer brand PR agency.

We could waffle on about how we’re going to change the market with one gimmick or another.

But we won’t.

Because we’re not “different”. We’re just “better”. We think.

Jo and James worked together for around three and a half years at Seventy Seven PR, where they had some modicum of success (with the rest of the team that they worked with). The agency was well-awarded, well-rewarded and generally a happy place to be.

Then they decided that, while creating agencies for other people (in this case Omnicom) was fun, it was about time that they struck out and started one for themselves. Hope&Glory is that agency.

So why Hope&Glory?

Because we believe in some contemporary nostalgia.

By which we mean that we hold true some traditional PR values – like knowing your media and knowing what creates a great story – and, for that matter, how to grab some headlines. But also that we will turn those values to every other field of PR – whether social and digital media (because getting people talking is what we do, after-all) … or experiential … or stunts … or running a really bloody slick press office.

And Hope&Glory seemed to speak of those values.

If you’d like to join us, please get in touch as we’re in the market. You can drop an email to jobs [at] hopeandglorypr.com. Folk who might have some work they’d like doing can get in touch via hello [at] hopeandglorypr.com. Or you could always give us a call and pop around for a nice cup of tea. And possibly some cake …