What every party-hard type needs over the Christmas party season is clearly a bacon roll laced with five shots of espresso …

… well that’s what we thought anyway.

Our brief from the lovely people at Deliveroo was to capture the imagination of hungover party-goers over Christmas.

A subject close to our hearts…

We canvassed the office and for most, the bacon roll was voted the ultimate post-party rescue food. Add to that a coffee and you have a cure.

Which got us thinking … what if you could create the ultimate bacon roll, one that was actually infused with coffee?

We met with the lovely folk at The Diner, who jumped at the chance to work with us. They briefed their chefs and specialist bread bakers and the “Ba-coffee Roll” was born.

A brioche bun infused with five shots of coffee, slathered in whipped coffee butter and encasing thick bacon, marinated in maple syrup and more coffee. Delicious.

Coverage kicked off earlier this week with an Evening Standard exclusive, resulting in a day one half page in the paper and story online.

Since then media interest has percolated well and we’ve seen a quarter page in the Daily Star plus a story online, Lorraine tasted the creation live on air, METRO, The Sun and Time Out have all covered our creation – and there’s more to come, with Unilad lined-up to film a taste test along with upcoming bulletins across the Bauer and Global radio networks.