What do you get when you combine a DNA test and a Meantime Masterbrewer (we know, it’s a question you’ve often asked yourself) …

And indeed, what do you get the man who has everything?

You get them Meantime Bespoke. For the princely sum of £25,000.

But for that tidy sum, you get your DNA tested so your tastes are genetically profiled. You get a personal beer made for you by a Meantime Brewmaster. You get 2,000 pints of said beer made. And it’ll be arranged that those 2,000 pints are available at your local pub at the time you’re ready to drink it.

That’s what you get.

We’ve been having a world of fun, therefore, announcing that Meantime Bespoke has hit the market. The whole thing has been dreamt up by us with the team at Meantime and was launched today to some considerable media fanfare. The fact that we got Meantime Brewmaster, Ciaran Giblin, to give the DNA testing thing a whirl and that he made a small batch of his own, personal brew added some grit to the story.

As a result, we’ve already graced the pages of the Daily Star, CITY AMDaily MailThe SunScottish Sun and Irish Sun, alongside the Daily Star, The Times, Irish Times in print and AskMen.

And that’s just the start. As it turns out, Meantime has agreed to make a commercial run of Ciaran’s perfect beer – a Double IPA made to cater for his unusually high capacity for bitter flavours – as part of its Pilot Series. So with features lined-up and a beer to launch next year (given the maturation time required by Meantime’s exacting standards), we’re just beginning the story. We can’t wait to taste the end of it …