We’ve set out to make the hmv Vault launch a national news moment and by all accounts (and the media’s response) we did just that …

It’s been a Craig David week with hmv over the past seven days or so.

Appointed on Monday, announcing a store Tuesday, lining up broadcast Wednesday, launching to business Thursday, blanket coverage, broadcast aplenty and a Liam Payne gig Friday, James Arthur playing Saturday.

Looking forward to chilling on Sunday.

Anyway, suffice it to say that the launch of the hmv Vault, a 25,000 sq ft megastore with over 100,000 CDs and vinyl on offer, was a monumental success.

We announced the store to business pages on Thursday with interviews across The Guardian, The Times, the Financial Times, Daily Mail, AFP and Bloomberg.

That led to over 150 pieces of coverage with full pages in The Guardian, The Times and Daily Mirror and a half in the Daily Telegraph and the i Paper.

Pretty much every national online titles was on the case with pieces including The Guardian, The Times, Daily Express, Daily Telegraph, TiM, The Sun (twice) and many, many more besides.

Then Friday brought half an hour on Radio 5 Live Wake Up To Money, an interview with Radio 4 Today, another Radio 5 on breakfast, BBC Breakfast and You & Yours and then appearances in the hourly bulletins on Newsbeat, Radio 2, Radio 5 and the entire Global network – Capital, Heart, you mention it.

Oh and there was a BBC West Midlands love-in as they covered the store across pretty much every outlet. So far over 90 appearances across pretty much every BBC outlet.

The Birmingham Mail then devoted a live blog to the opening as Liam Payne took the stage. With interviews for him with the BBC and ITV networks, we once again cleaned up. A cheeky PA pictures story meant we dropped our second regional news bomb in 24 hours. And we landed a live with Sky TV’s Ian King as the store opened.

All of that before a ten minute piece on The One Show on Friday evening.

One of life’s great stories and a pleasure to work on. Amazing what you can turn around in a week when you put your mind to it …