We’ve made it a rather busy week on the road for Blurb’s CEO …

Eileen Gittins is Blurb‘s brilliant CEO.

She came over on one of her regular visits this past week. So we wanted to make sure that she had a pretty packed schedule of meetings and greetings.

Bless her, she was rushed off her feet.

From Dezeen and Creative Review to the Bookseller and Telegraph, we did a whistle stop tour of some of the home turf media.

But we also made sure that she was getting her story across in broadcast. In a two day spell, Eileen did interviews with BBC Radio 4’s Bottom Line (clip to follow at some stage shortly), BBC World News, BBC.com, CNN’s Richard Quest show and with Monocle Radio’s The Entrepreneurs.

Not a bad week for the team on our favourite self-publisher …