hols hip_

We’ve just launched “Lunch Breaks” for Virgin Holidays … so you can flaunt a holiday glow in twenty minutes

We were asked to come up with a cracking idea to bring a taste of a Virgin Holidays – and a feeling so great you just have to #FlauntIt – to downtrodden Brits.

So we came up with the idea of the Lunch Break.

“The Lunch Break. What is this lunacy?” we hear you ask.

Well we thought that, with a bit of help from Paul McKenna, we might be able to give the relaxed feeling through the use of some hypnotism and hypnotherapy in a break you could get during your lunchtime.

It turned out that was perfectly possible.

So, having built a wonderful “Virgin Holidays Hypnopod” and sited it in House of Fraser Bluewater, we invited the media in.

As a result we’ve bagged some top class coverage including the Daily Telegraph (a rather lovely half page in the paper and a cracker online from Harry Wallop), Daily Mirror (a proper DPS and another online belter), Daily Mail , Daily Star, The Sun and then a heap of onlines including Aol., MSN and a host of others along the way.

Tip top work from the team!