We’ve had a world of fun launching GUINNESS Cold Brew Coffee Beer and the coverage has been wall-to-wall across the media

If there are two things we just can’t get enough of in the Hope&Glory office it’s GUINNESS and it’s coffee.

So, when the team were told that GUINNESS Cold Brew Coffee Beer would be joining the GUINNESS family, it’s safe to say we were pretty excited for the new match made in drink heaven … or should we say St James’s Gate Brewery (arguably they are one in the same).

Bringing together the delicious taste of GUINNESS stout with distinct coffee flavours, Cold Brew Coffee Beer is a must-try for not only the legions of people who already love GUINNESS (of which we are definitely a part), but for anyone who sips on a cup of Joe throughout the day.

For the announcement, we created a buzz by sending out over 50 mailers to media and influencers, giving them an exclusive taste, as well as their own special GUINNESS glasses to enjoy the drink in and from the social coverage we got, they absolutely loved it.

Pitching the launch across the Great British media, we secured 120 pieces of coverage for the launch, including twelve national pieces in the likes of The Times, Daily Mirror, Daily Express, The Sun, Evening Standard and Daily Mail.

A launch well worth raising a glass to.