We’ve gone nuts! The Plenish team gives the royals a nutty makeover ahead of Megan and Harry’s upcoming nuptials

We’ve recently given the term “nutty” a whole new meaning …

When briefed by the team over at Plenish to create some buzz around their existing range of nut milks, we wanted to find a way to get the message out to the masses that their ingredients are far superior and more premium to other competitors brands on the market.

With the Royal Wedding just around the corner we came up with the idea of creating the upcoming Royal Wedding entirely out of nuts. … because Plenish treat their nuts like royalty of course!

We scoured the globe and found the world’s only nut artist who spent almost 400 hours crafting tiny miniature replicas of the Royal family from nuts.

Finding an artist that was capable of bringing our vision to life was no mean feat but the uniquely talented Steve Casino helped to make our nuts idea a reality.

Each of the four different nuts that make-up the range of Plenish Milks – almonds, coconuts, cashews and hazelnuts – were hand-painted, resulting in intricate life-like figurines of the Queen, Prince Charles, Kate, William, Harry and Meghan.

Cashew nuts were used to create the Queen’s infamous royal corgis. The scenes of Westminster Abbey and the Royal Balcony incorporate coconuts and hazelnuts carefully crafted to depict realistic royal backdrops.

The story went international within a matter of hours, appearing on media titles in South Africa, Spain, Dubai, The United States and as far as New Zealand! The Coverage haul included ITV, CNN, Daily Express (twice), Hello US, The Drum, The Daily Record,  Press Association and even made it onto several US news programmes!

We’re just waiting for The Queen to tweet about it now …