We’ve been working with Uber Eats to celebrate the arrival of Honest Burger on the app with the “Tasty Truths Booths” across the UK

To celebrate the launch of latest partner, Honest Burger, arriving on the Uber Eats app, the team whipped-up a plan offering the great British public a free Plant or SMASH Burger in exchange for their biggest fibs (you can see what we did there) – some good honest food as a tasty token in return for some tasty truths.

The team tied their apron strings and set up the Uber Eats x Honest Burger Tasty Truths booth in Camden Town and Liverpool city centre to encourage a sprinkling of truth. We chose those two because they were identified as the two regions with the highest number of fibbers in our supporting research.

It wasn’t all just bun and games for the team as they secured an incredible line-up of coverage too.

News of the pop-up booth and fibbing habits of the nation landed eight national titles including Daily Star, METRO, Daily Express and The Sun, as well as two hits on the Liverpool Echo and a drop of regional titles. Fair to say it went down a treat!