We’ve been working with the king of speed to create the world’s most advanced 4k hologram gaming experience … and it was pretty epic, we have to say

How do you celebrate the rollout of hyper-fast broadband?

With the King of Speed himself, Usain Bolt of course.

We worked with the wonderful folk at Virgin Media and Usain to create a gaming experience with a twist; he challenged fans to some PvP whilst appearing in super realistic 4k hologram in the same room, much to their delight!

In what can only be described as the “living room of the future” (kitted out with the latest smart tech from a laser TV to remote controlled pop-out drawers), gaming through the hologram brought to life how the future of online gaming with friends could be different and even more connected and meaningful.

All possible thanks to the hyper-fast speeds of Virgin Media’s Gig1 broadband, of course.

As if that wasn’t enough, we worked with the fabulous Chloe and Toby from Love Island to create some brilliant content of them going head-to-head via hologram, as well as YouTubers Manny and Elz the Witch to capture the experience for themselves.

Coverage landed across print, online and broadcast with hits including BBC News, Mail Online, The Sun, Daily Mirror, Channel 5 and BBC Radio 1 … to name but a few of the hundreds of outlets that covered the news.