We’ve been working with LinkedIn to highlight the important issue of Proximity Bias as we all get used to hybrid working

In our first piece of work since being reunited with our former client, LinkedIn, we’ve been busy raising awareness about a workplace issue that has become increasingly prominent over the course of the pandemic – Proximity Bias.

In simple terms, Proximity Bias is the idea that employees working from the office will progress quicker in their careers than those who choose to work at home – something we all need to be aware of as hybrid and flexible working continues to become the norm.

So, to help shed more light on this issue and help to provide some insights and solutions, we then enlisted the help of experts like Dr. Nick Zygouris, a Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialising in workplace mental health, as well as our LinkedIn Career Experts.

Armed with some worrying stats and knowledgeable spokespeople, we took the story to media – to great success.

We kicked off with a brilliant five minute segment on Sky News, followed by a whole day of interviews on a whole host of regional radio stations, as well as a slot on London Live.

Quickly followed by a raft of fantastic coverage on Metro, Daily Telegraph, City AM’s City View podcast and over 20 regional pieces.

That was all wrapped-up with posts on LinkedIn and other social channels from flexible working campaigners Joeli Brearley, Founder of Pregnant then Screwed and a member of the “Flex for All” Alliance, and Anna Whitehouse, founder of Mother Pukka, to help us get the word out far and wide.

All in all it’s been a cracking reunion with LinkedIn – and we can’t wait to see which workplace issue we’ll tackle next.

Watch this space …