We’ve been working with Buzz Bingo to help celebrate clubs re-opening after five long months of lockdown – hopefully, for the last time…

Of all the industries hit hard by lockdown, Bingo has had a rough ride.

So re-opening was always going to be a big deal across the industry and we wanted to make sure that Buzz was at the very heart of that moment from a media perspective.

So, in anticipation of the big event, we enlisted the help of Loose Women star Coleen Nolan to help train Buzz Bingo callers so that they were ready to project their voices when doors opened once more – just in case their time off had left them at all rusty.

Alongside the session, Coleen hosted her very own game of bingo on opening night: “number four, we’ve re-opened our doors!” being the bespoke call we made for her.

As well as working with talent, the team pitched tirelessly to broadcast, national and regional media – giving them a behind the scenes look as clubs prepared to re-open, as well as the opportunity to film the first customers returning.

The results were, quite simply, incredible.

A whole host of BBC and ITV stations filmed at their local club, including BBC: Look North, London, Hull, Scotland, South East and East, as well as ITV: Meridian, Yorkshire, Central East and  Central West.

Not to mention the 100+ pieces of print and online editorial the team secured, including this absolute belter in the Daily Mail, across ITV, alongside more regional coverage than you can shake a stick at.