We’ve been promoting “Argos Chic” this week … and ended up in Vogue with a necklace from the high street favourite

This week has been all about Connell and Normal People when it comes to team Argos.

You’ll have noted that a certain silver chain has been getting the nation hot under the collar as the world went nuts for Connell Waldron’s choice of jewellery adornment in the BBC smash, Normal People.

Described by Sally Rooney in the book as being “Argos chic” there was only really one brand that was going to capitalise. And capitalise we did.

With a quick sales data story and some pics of some choice chains from the retailer we landed pieces across the media.

There were appearances on the Independent, METRO, The Guardian, The Sun, Daily Mail (twice), Stylist, Hello and even Forbes.

The jewel in the crown, though, was an appearance in fashion bible Vogue, which picked up the story and ran with the Argos references.

Gotta love a quick spot and some tip top media relations skills.