We’ve been promoting a gift of an idea as the inaugural Photobox Instagram Photography Awards has been cleaning up media-wise

First of all we can’t claim this idea.

It was the brainchild of long-term agency friend (and sometime collaborator) Hector Proud, who cooked it up with our new client at Photobox.

Well we sort of could claim it, in that we pitched it to someone about three years ago. But they turned it down. Ho hum.

Anyway, we picked up the first Photobox Instagram Photography Awards once they’d already received 180,000 entries and we were asked to make sure there was bags of coverage from that point on.

And so we did just that.

A quick and dirty story about the fact that dogs were the most entered subject matter bagged some beauties across the Evening Standard, METRO and a half page in the Daily Telegraph – along with a gallery on Daily Telegraph online.

Not a bad first outing for a new client.

Then came the shortlist announcement.

With over 150 shots to place we’ve been having an awesome time.

Another half page belter in the Daily Telegraph (relationships still count for something it transpires!) along with the Daily Mail, METRO (again), Evening Standard (again), Daily Mirror.

Pieces in Lonely Planet, MSN , Amateur Photographer, ePhotoZine and Business Insider complete the list of those most worthy of mention (though a quick google will throw up a ton more if you’re interested).

With the winners announced in early-October, we’ve still got another opportunity up our sleeves.

Simple. Effective. And some top class media skills.