We’ve been “launching Christmas” with the Argos “book of dreams” campaign landing just about every national going …

Every year we have the joy, pleasure and privilege of working with our retail brands to make sure that their ad launches are the talk of the town. And 2019 has been absolutely no different.

First out of the gate has been the Argos ad.

Celebrating the wonders of the Argos Catalogue – “the (laminated) book of dreams” as it was once described by Bill Bailey in one of his sketches – it was a beauty.

With pre-briefings aplenty and a tight media programme that meant that all the Christmas ad writers had the low-down well ahead of it breaking – as well as a close working relationship with the team in-house, in marketing and the all-agency group which meant we could be pretty certain of being the first major ad out – we collectively nailed it.

There were full-page pieces across the Daily Mirror and Daily Star Daily Express, Daily Star, Daily Mail, (twice), Daily Mirror, the Daily Record, The Sun, the i Paper, METRO, Independent … that’s just about everywhere really, isn’t it?

The trade coverage was just as plentiful, with cracking pieces across The Drum, Marketing Week, Campaign, Retail Week, More About Advertising, Toys ‘n Playthings, Toy News … another clean-sweep.

Topped-off with two PA pieces that saw the ad splashed across over 200 regional pieces, the combined agency and in-house Argos team has got Christmas off to a cracking start.

Oh, and if you wanted to take a look, the full ad is here …