We’ve been landing coverage across the board to get a consumer message across with a corporate results story this week …

Today was the day that we got to announce that The Royal Mint has had a stunning year thanks to a variety of factors, including their commemorative coins business flying, a storming year for their Bullion team and a year which saw plenty of stunning circulating coins produced.

So results day was a big one for the business.

But for us, it was also a phenomenal opportunity for us to tell The Royal Mint story and to use the announcement to make yet more people aware of the range of products they have on offer – particularly their Bullion proposition and the on-going range of commemorative coins featuring the characters of Beatrix Potter.

So we sliced and diced the story, gave the right angles to the right titles, and sold in hard. Our work did not go unrewarded.

We saw top-class print coverage across all the major dailies with pieces in Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Times (which also went online), The Sun, Daily Mirror, the i, City A.M.. You name it.

Then there were pieces (variously print and online) across the FT, The Scotsman, Daily Record, the BBC (actually, twice), ITV and Daily Express.

And the broadcast coverage we landed was stellar. The day started with BBC Radio 4, a humdinger on BBC Business News, BBC World TV, SKY News, BBC Wales. Once again, a pretty much clean sweep.

A great media day out for the world’s finest mint.