We’ve been helping Uber support frontline staff during the coronavirus by announcing free rides, meals and JUMP e-bikes for the NHS

As Brits stay indoors to stop the spread of coronavirus, the NHS are staying out to save lives.

To thank those on the front line, working late shifts, and who are unable to take the time to shop for themselves, Uber wanted to give something back. 

Uber and Uber Eats are offering the NHS 200,000 free rides, 100,000 meals, and free JUMP bikes to help doctors, nurses and hospital staff get to and back from work.  

The team at Hope & Glory hit the ground running and got on the phones to ensure that the news went everywhere. Achieving over 270 pieces of coverage for the announcement of free uber rides and meals, and over 200 pieces of coverage for the announcement of free JUMP bikes, we secured a feature on every single national, print and online, including Metro, The Sun, Daily Mail, Independent, Daily Mirror, Daily Star and Evening Standard, as well as a whole host of regional and consumer coverage, from the likes of Grazia, Cosmo, Time Out and LadBible – the team ensured this was seen by all. 

It’s a cause we were delighted to help with as thanks to Uber, thousands of NHS staff will be able to benefit from a little help during this difficult time.