We’ve been helping Uber riders stay a little Calmer to get over the January blues …

In the rush of city life, the few minutes you spend in an Uber can be an oasis of rest and relaxation, with time to collect your thoughts for the week ahead.

It was this insight that sparked the team’s latest campaign for Uber, teaming up with the world’s largest wellness app Calm to offer bespoke in-car meditation for passengers.

The next time you order an Uber, you’ll be able to inhale, exhale and body scan your way through all the traffic and stress of London, Manchester, Edinburgh and beyond. The guided meditations are perfectly timed to the most common journey lengths, so there’ll be one that’s suitable for you.

The team sold in the story alongside research showing that stressed-out Britons are already exhausted by the prospect of 2019 and feel they live unhealthy lifestyles.

The result? Standout coverage in the Evening Standard, Daily Mirror, Metro, City AM, Scottish Sun, Independent, CosmopolitanElle, Women’s Health the Daily Star and many, many more!

And now … breathe …