We’ve been helping the not-so-green fingered get to grips with their gardens this summer, all courtesy of the good people at Taskrabbit …

We needed to come up with a simple but effective campaign that would help Taskrabbit land a gardening message as the hotter months beckoned and people wanted to spruce up their outside spaces: positioning the brand as the perfect source of horticultural expertise for the green-eyed but not so green-fingered.

So it was that, in the run-up to the peak of summer, we partnered with the award-winning horticulturist and presenter Michael Perry (aka Mr Plant Geek) to help Brits get an enviable, beautifully blossomed garden to enjoy during the hot weather.

To really make sure the story took root, we found out that we really are green with envy when it comes to outside space as one in five of us feel embarrassed that our gardens don’t live up to our neighbour’s standards.

Michael’s expert seeds of knowledge were able to rid us of our garden shame, and his top tips let us know how to make our gardens the talk of the town – for all the right reasons.

Some of Michael’s brilliant evergreen tips included planting a “graffiti garden” with evergreen shrubs, or enlisting a helping hand from Taskrabbit as many people find the task of tidying your outdoor space a little overwhelming.

Overall, the story went down pretty blooming well with the media with stand-out pieces with the likes of Ideal Home (twice!), Daily Express, The Sun and Daily Mail.