We’ve been helping SEGA launch HUMANKIND using modern day cave art … inspired by the same techniques our ancestors used over 30,000 years ago

Did you know that three-quarters of Brits believe it’s important that historical stories are told to future generations and over half think cave art is more likely to survive thousands of years than any form of modern technology?

HUMANKIND is a game that takes players on a tour through history as they lead and build their own civilization through the major eras of humanity.

By combining that theme with these stats we were able to reimagine 12 of the most significant moments from modern history, chosen by the British public, as modern cave art.

We commissioned Professor Paul Pettitt, the archaeologist who co-discovered the UK’s only examples of Palaeolithic cave art at Creswell Crags in 2003 and illustrator Emmy Smith to ensure the unique paintings were as authentic and historically accurate as possible.

At Hellfire Caves we commemorated landmark moments from the 20th Century, including the Coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, the Black Lives Matter movement, Barack Obama becoming the first black President of the United States of America, Live Aid, Maradona’s Hand of God and the pop culture phenomenon that is Love Island.

Media reach was outstanding, with over 200 titles covering the images and video of the art, including the likes of national titles Metro, Daily Star (print and online), The Sun (print and online), Daily Express (print and online) The Scotsman, a regional news bomb and multiple consumer titles.

All in all a huge success for the team, and an innovative way to celebrate the launch of HUMANKIND … which is available now on PC and Google Stadia.