We’ve been helping Meantime create a beer that is really two beers mixed together … oh and it tastes a bit like a latte …

In our quest to come up with ever-more interesting ways for Meantime to demonstrate their craft credentials, we set them yet another little challenge.

Could their brewmaster (the brilliant Ciaran Giblin), come up with a beer that would match our dearest wish – a beer that would involve two beers combined into a single great drink – aka the Latte Ale?

Lo and behold, he could.

Taking Nude Espresso beans and making an Espresso Porter, Ciaran then made a Cream Ale (aka Cream of the Crop), which can be combined to make a Latt-ale. Magic.

We’ve then worked with the nice people at Nude to ensure that our Meantime creation is available at their outlets (you can also get it at the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich if you happen to be visiting).

So far it’s proving to be something of a hit with the media as METRO has covered it twice (here and here) along with the Evening Standard and we have Press Association lined-up to film, alongside Unilad and Culture Trip also heading down in the not-too-distant future.

Here’s a little film we made about the whole affair …