We’ve been helping Meantime bring extra sunshine to the great British summer this week, with the world’s first Smart Mirror

Team Meantime have been getting their heads around sun-trajectories and “heliostats” this week with a Smart Mirror for Meantime, designed to follow the sun and reflect its rays across pub gardens ensuring they are bathed in sunlight all day long.

Working with the fiercely intelligent artists at Greyworld, we managed to place the Smart Mirror into the garden of the aptly named The Sun pub in Clapham Old Town. A sunny photoshoot and a spot of video later, we had all the assets needed to work this world-first story across British media.

Kicking off with an outing on Press Association, we then went on to secure coverage with the likes of MSN, Yahoo, AOL and Beer Today. All alongside a storming video piece with Reuters TV who came down to the pub for a pint of Meantime and a chance to film the Smart Mirror in action.

The mirror stayed in place for three days to maximise punters’ sunshine time and more than a few people popped in to bathe in the glory of a sunny pub garden.