We’ve been helping LinkedIn raise awareness of the nation’s hidden pay gap to start an important discussion on size bias in the workplace

LinkedIn members and plus size bloggers, Stephanie Yeboah and Lottie L’Amour, sparked up a conversation on the platform by sharing their experiences of size bias in the workplace and asking their network to share theirs too.

We spotted this and did some research to find out the true extent of this unspoken bias in the workplace, and the results were pretty shocking.

Using NHS classifications of BMI, we found that nearly a third of obese workers said they have felt discriminated against when it comes to getting a job, pay rise or promotion. Astonishingly, those workers classed as obese also earned an average of £1,940 less per year than workers classed as healthy.

Our findings struck a real chord with media and we secured an amazing array of coverage, including print pieces in The Sun and Daily Star as well as some great feature pieces on the likes of VICE, Refinery29, Stylist and Business Insider.

To top it off, we worked with Lottie and our LinkedIn expert to continue the discussion on broadcast media, securing some excellent interviews on stations including Sky News Radio (syndicated across an impressive 78 stations), ITV Regions and Channel 5 News.

Join the discussion on LinkedIn using #SizeBias