We’ve been helping IKEA to show the nation how to live with plants at the Chelsea Flower Show … and bagged a silver medal in the process

When you think of Chelsea Flower Show, IKEA probably doesn’t immediately spring to mind … and neither does interior design.

But that’s exactly what we brought to the long-established event this week.

Working with Ian Drummond, of Indoor Garden Design, we collaborated to create the only interiors-focused exhibit at the event.

“At Home with Plants” was a unique installation consisting of three walk-through rooms – a living room, bedroom and bathroom – which showed the beauty of plants in the home and how to use them in interiors schemes … and, of course, it was packed to the brim with IKEA furniture too.

The exhibition has been a hit with the press, earning a spot in Evening Standard as an exhibit to look out for, Instagram posts from Sunday Times Home, write ups from Ideal Home and The Joy of Plants, an interview on Radio 2 with Chris Evans, and a full-page feature due in Evening Standard in the weeks to come.

There’s also a whole host of indoor gardening tips pieces in the offing too …

What’s more, the judges were also pretty impressed as we bagged a coveted silver medal for the creation … a bit of a coup considering it wasn’t actually a garden!