We’ve been helping IKEA help the nation get TOG-ether and doing our bit to end duvet dust-ups for couples across the land

The duvet tug of war is no more.

IKEA do great duvets, in fact they are pretty awesome in the bedroom department (so to speak).

So, to tell the world about their sleeping prowess we made it our mission to show how they can help you sleep. And to do that, we tackled the age old problem.

The battle of the bedsheets.

We created and launched the TOG-ether bundle – two single duvets for less than the price of a double – to teach sleep deprived Brits how to sleep like a Swede.  The simple Swedish inspired life hack means that a couple can pick two single duvets that suit their individual temperature needs. More importantly it will put an end to duvet stealing.

The duvet hogging insight generated huge debate and IKEA were even hailed as a relationship saviours by Mashable.

The results so far have been pretty spectacular with coverage on Loose Women and Radio 5 Live and on Huff Po UK, Daily Mirror, The Sunday Times, Daily Express and Daily Mail.

Then there was a spot on Time Magazine alongside lifestyle favourites including Ideal HomeGood HousekeepingHouse Beautiful and Prima.

So go and sort out your bed woes, buy two single duvets and sleep better TOG-ether