We’ve been having fun with Deliveroo again … this time making Engagement Ring Doughnuts to help foodies celebrate Valentine’s

Deliveroo has been everywhere of late. Skiing and Ecstatic Meals but two examples.

So obviously we needed a quick and simple Valentine’s story to get the brand out there on the big day.

Our answer was, quite naturally … Dough-knots (or Engagement Ring Doughnuts, depending on your favoured moniker).

Working with Doughnut Time, we came up with a simple, exclusive and limited edition version of everyone’s favourite baked goods. Some quick photography and we’ve been away …

Coverage has been dropping in nicely with hum-dingers across the METROIndependent, Evening Standard, The SunTimeOut and Daily Star just for starters.

So if you wanna make like Beyonce and put a ring on it, you know where to order one.