We’ve been “going Live” with the good people at adidas as we took our latest fitness campaign onto Facebook

As some of you may have seen over the past month, we’ve been working with our lovely clients at adidas to create a series of buddy workouts to help people train and keep fit.

Starring the very lovely (and very talented) fitness experts, Faya Neilsen and Charlotte Holmes, the videos have been so popular that we decided to make the next workout even more experiential and take adidas training into a live event with the good folks at Facebook.

The video was designed to offer a 20 minute workout circuit, consisting of different buddy moves that you can do with a friend to keep you motivated and have fun … well as much as you can have whilst planking. Each move could be made easier or harder and times extended from 30 to 40 and 60 seconds depending on your level of fitness.

To date, the video has proven to be immensely popular and we’ve delivered over 17,000 views (14,000 viewed live) with lots of engaged comments and people tagging their buddies.

So grab a workout buddy yourself and give the workout a try … Go on, you know you want to …