We’ve been going “back to the future” to deliver a cracking little story for the Big Bang Fair

While we love creating big, all-encompassing campaigns for our clients, we’re also big fans of quick-and-effective media stories that pick up bags of talkability for relatively little investment.

And so it was this past week for the Big Bang Young Scientists and Engineers Fair 2015 (which takes place in March 2015 and for which this was a little media warm-up ahead of some bigger campaigns we’ve already got cooked up in the pipeline).

Time travel, teleporting and invisibility cloaks may sound too good to be true, but this week The Big Bang Fair’s been teaching us that they could be here sooner than we think.

Working with top scientists from across the UK, The Big Bang Fair showed that they’re all possibile within the next 80 years … so today’s schoolchildren will be the ones making them a reality.

The team have landed cracking pieces with the likes of Daily Telegraph, The Sun, Daily Star, Mail Online and Metro – as well as Cosmo, great for the ever-hard-to-reach teenage girl audience that The Big Bang Fair wants to encourage into STEM careers.

We even wangled a mention on BBC Radio 6 on the campaign launch day, prompting a five minute discussion about what future inventions presenters would most like to see.

And this was all topped off by a host of radio interviews with the Chief Executive of EngineeringUK and Star Wars prop designer Andrew Ainsworth, who were chatting to stations including BBC Manchester, BBC Wales, BBC West Midlands and BBC Newcastle about the research and how important it is to inspire young people about the possibilities of science and engineering.