We’ve been creating a Pastry Paradise in the media for the fine people at Gameloft this week …

This Monday was one of the oddest yet in Hope&Glory as a succession of the country’s finest masterbakers trooped into the office (with considerable help from the team) bearing a succession of edible architectural masterpieces.

It was, of course, all in aid of promoting Gameloft’s latest mobile gaming sensation, Pastry Paradise. A match three competitor to Candy Crush, it’s been rushing up the charts since it launched.

The cunning ploy of course, was that the cakes were, in fact, a series of terrible pastry-related puns.

There was a Trifle Tower, a London Pie, an Empire Cake Building and – my personal favourites – the Battenberg Gate was accompanied by a Taj Mille Feuille.

So it was that we snapped happily before shipping these edible wonders off to the Proud Archivist where they were exhibited for a brief period, before being consumed by the visiting public, who earned their piece of cake simply by downloading the game to their smartphone. Neat, huh?

Coverage has been clocked on the Daily Star (who rather fell in love with the whole thing) and the Independent (who popped the images on their homepage for no fewer than three days). Then it all got a bit odd as coverage started landing on sites as diverse as China Daily (and a bunch of other global sites), The Grocer (um …?), Architect Magazine (must’ve brightened their day considerably), Reveal and TrendHunter.

Spose it demonstrates the diverse interest you can generate with some good cake-related puns.