We’ve been busy revealing the incredible power of sound with Sony’s new High-Power Audio speakers with a spot of cymatics …

To launch Sony’s exciting new MHC-V83D and MHC-V73D speakers in Europe, we looked to the here and now and how sound has influenced and impacted us during the pandemic.

Working with Dr David Lewis of Mindlab International and Warwick university, we created a ground-breaking report uncovering the astounding ways in which music impacts us both physically and psychologically.

We did so alongside research into people’s emotional states now compared to those states during the height of the pandemic and proof positive that music has helped them through a difficult times.

To bring our findings to life, we created two beautifully compelling videos showing how the body reacts to music – powered by Sony’s MHC-V83D High Power Audio Speaker – with the science of Cymatics demonstrating how omni-directional soundwaves influence paint, sand and liquid to the beat in an erratic but mesmerising way.

After spreading the news of our Emotion vs. Music report and engaging videos across Europe, the team secured some stunning coverage, with UK standout pieces including The Sun, The Scottish Sun, Daily Star, Daily Mirror and Trusted Reviews amongst many others, as well as a host of social posts from influencers.

However, don’t just take our word for it. Check out our first video to re-energise and evoke feelings of happiness, or induce more melancholic emotions with this beautiful accompaniment.