We’ve been busy helping Facebook spread awareness of the dangers facing hedgehogs during bonfire season

Working with the British Hedgehog Preservation Society (BHPS) we created a short film informing the public of the dangers bonfire night poses for the nation’s dwindling hedgehog population, which according to The UK Mammal Society and Natural England, is estimated to be as low as 522,000.

The BHPS has a Facebook Page with almost a quarter of a million followers and is great resource for learning what to do if you stumble across a hog in need.

As well as issuing the cute and informative video to press, we also drafted some top tips for hedgehog-proofing your bonfire – encouraging Brits to build their bonfire on the day it is due to be lit, and to use a broom to check for spiky creatures before they get the fire going.

By tapping into the nation’s love of hogs, we landed a superb haul of national and regional landing hits on the Daily Mirror, METRO and Daily Express amongst oh so many others.

We hope the hogs are staying safe this season thanks to a little input from our team.