We’ve been all aboard the Pokémon Bus taking Pokémon on tour across the UK

We’ve been working with The Pokémon Company International to help them introduce the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games, as well as the Trading Card Game to new audiences this year and help them fall in love with the world of Pokémon.

So, we created a five-part TV series for their YouTube channel – in both English and French – exploring the world of Pokémon.

We transformed a double decker into an incredible, immersive Pokémon bus and took it on a tour across the UK, visiting different towns and cities which inspired areas in the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games.

It was vital that the content be educational yet engaging, teaching viewers about Pokémon in a fun way that made them want to go and play the video games and Trading Card Game. In order to achieve this, we enlisted the help of two hosts – TV presenters Sam and Mark for UK content and Jérémy and Sybille for French content – who were Pokémon beginners. Throughout the series, they each met a stellar line-up of gaming influencers to teach them more about, including DanTDM, Ali-A and Clare Siobhan in the UK and Les Parodie Bros, Newtiteuf and Frozen Crystal in France.

The end result? An energetic and engaging mini-series for Pokémon’s YouTube channel that had new fans coming back week after week to tune in for the next episode. The series has so far racked up over 1.5 million views on the Pokémon YouTube channel, with our guests on the bus generating a huge social reach on their own channels too with their individual edits and supporting Instagram content.

To bring the bus to key gaming and kids media we sold in the series along with interview time from our guests on the bus, as well as a custom designed and printable Galar Expedition guide, the perfect supplement for any budding trainer who wants to learn more about the region inspired by the UK. In total this generated 35 pieces of coverage across specialist gaming and kids press including GAMINGBibleVG24/7, National Geographic Kids, MEGA and Go Girl.