We’re still standing better than we ever did… after launching The Royal Mint’s latest coin for Elton John

We’ve been feeling the love tonight at Hope&Glory as we set about launching the latest commemorative coin in the Music Legends collection, for none other than Elton John.

The coin was inspired by Elton’s iconic songs, outlandish performances and flamboyant outfits – especially his memorable hats and incredible glasses.

We knew we couldn’t launch without a nod to these outfits, so we set about researching and found the very boots Elton wore in the film ‘Tommy’, which were located at the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery. We captured stunning creative photography with the coin and boots and distributed alongside the release to media.

The news of the coin was picked up globally, with the team landing stellar print pieces in Daily Telegraph, The Times, Daily Mail, Independent and The Guardian in the UK (just some of the 25 national pieces generated), and Hallo München, Boyens Medien and Emder Zeitung internationally…..the list continues as the team got the coin on TV and radio on more than 50 stations and programmes.

Over the course of the campaign we landed over 400 pieces of UK coverage across national, consumer, broadcast and regional titles, as well as over 200 pieces of international coverage – guess that’s why they call it the…news.