We’re raising a glass to Graham’s … our latest client win and one we’re super-excited about

We are really excited that we’ve won the consumer and trade PR account for luxury Port brand, Graham’s.

For those who aren’t familiar with it (and we’ve just on the case trying to sort that out), Graham’s is owned by the world’s leading premium Port producer, Symington Family Estates, which owns a portfolio of brands that also includes Warre’s, Dow’s and Cockburn’s.

We’ve briefed to run a campaign to position Graham’s in the premium and luxury lifestyle media, while developing the brand’s share-of-voice in the trade media.

We’ll also be working with the team in Porto to create campaigns that bring new drinkers into the category – playing off the handcrafted nature of the product and the almost 200 years of heritage in the business.

We’re over the moon to be working with them because this is a brand with an amazing heritage and history, while at the same time, Port is little understood and there are some misconceptions about it.

So we’re going to be working with the team to help position the brand as a luxury staple – alongside the finest single malts on the shelves of the discerning drinker.

And, what’s more, we get to do what we love doing, helping on a longer term programme to bring new drinkers into the category – on the one hand by educating a new audience about Port and on the other by playing up the handcrafted nature of the product in some lovely brand activations we have on the way.