Well that’s a bit on the epic side isn’t it? We’ve only gone and won O2

So there are few other words to express our excitement.

We’re over the chuffing moon.

We’re absolutely bloomin’ thrilled.

We’re as happy as pigs in … well you get the picture really, don’t you?

We decided that we couldn’t really swear all over our website. So we’re not.

But when we heard that we’d won O2’s consumer PR and get to continue to work with them on various social media projects, we were pretty pleased.

For a fast-growing agency, it’s a real feather in our cap. And a lovely, lovely acknowledgement that we’ve been doing some alright work for them pretty much since we opened our doors all the way back in November (curiously, the O2 Santa campaign was one of our first pieces of work as an agency).

According to PR Week, we’ve been brought in to increase awareness around product launches such as O2’s range of branded headphones developed with rapper 50 Cent. We are also charged with integrating O2’s strategy and consumer comms to help the company amplify campaigns and communicate good news stories.

Sounds alright, that, doesn’t it?

So hats off to the team of James, Jo, Laura H, Laura B, Carl and Adrian. And now Gavin too (of whom more later) who have brought home the agency’s biggest win to date.