Welcome to CURIO, a collection of inspiration, entertainment, clever campaigns and weirdnesses curated by the Hope&Glory team

Once upon a very long time ago we had a blog – remember those? – where we collected interesting bits and bobs that were somewhere between illuminating, entertaining and inspiring from around the world of marketing and its related worlds.

That rather fell into abeyance over the years.

But we miss it. So we thought that we’d add this section to the Hope&Glory website, which we’ve entitled Curio (def: a rare, unusual, or intriguing object) in which we can collect and share the campaigns, developments and occurrences that might one day prove the basis for a future piece of client work. If not for us then for someone else out there.

Because we think that creative ideas come from people’s brains being fed interesting “stuff” that they can connect with other interesting stuff to forge new connections in answer to a problem – more often than not one that we’ve been challenged with by a client.

So this is going to become a handy repository for such things. It’ll all be collected here.

Feel free to browse as we add to the section. Or to ping us suggestions (here) if there’s something we should include.

Who knows, we might do the odd email round-up of its best bits at some point. So feel free to subscribe (there’s a box at the bottom of the website that might or might not work for this purpose) and we will ping you with interesting things. When we get around to it.