We partnered with TaskRabbit and Ollie and Gareth Locke to solve the Nation’s DIY issues and help avoid those awful arguments which come with Doing It Yourself

We’ve all had our fair share of spats with a loved one when it comes to putting together furniture or painting a wall.

There’s something about being in close proximity and trying to read the pesky instructions which means we just can’t help but start an argument. And it seems like we’re not the only ones.

Hence, we conducted research for TaskRabbit which revealed that DIY is responsible for over 790,000 divorces in the UK and that a quarter of Brits frequently argue about DIY tasks that need to be done around the house.

Of course, all of that could have been avoided if only they’d booked a Tasker from TaskRabbit to do the job for them and save them from being put in the dog house by their partner.

To bring the research to life, we worked with Ollie and Gareth Locke to create a suite of social content discussing how they themselves had argued over DIY, especially in a recent incident when Gareth’s haphazard attempt at hanging a picture meant it came crashing down on Ollie’s head in the middle of the night. That made them the perfect faces for the campaign.

The famous duo also gave their best tips on how to avoid an argument with a loved one when doing DIY and took part in interviews where they chatted about their recent home renovations and how TaskRabbit had helped them make their home picture perfect.

The media had clearly had their fair share of DIY arguments and loved the story, with coverage in the likes of Daily Mirror, Daily Star, and Mail on Sunday. The interviews with Ollie and Gareth ran in Sunday Mirror and HELLO!, and the boy’s social posts delivered over 50,000 engagements.

Now to see if the divorce rate goes down with the help of TaskRabbit’s Taskers …