We love a challenge as much as anyone. So an exhibition of Music As The Artists Intended It was all in a couple of weeks’ work for team H&G

The top and bottom of our brief from Sony for this one was to create an experiential activation that would get people engaged with the world of Sony High Resolution Audio through some cracking brand-in-hand (or should that be in-ear?).

So it was that we came up with “Studio to Stereo: The High Resolution Audio Experience” that we opened at Proud Camden’s Stables Galleries last week.

Capturing behind-the-scenes photography of seven iconic and sound-obsessed artists through the ages the exhibition enabled fans to listen to the songs that were being recorded at the very moment that the shots were taken.

We worked with the team at Proud Galleries and BBC Radio 6 Music DJ Tom Ravenscroft as our co-curators and writers with pretty much all the production done by the team here at H&G.

Featuring some of the twentieth century’s best photographers (including Kevin Westenberg, Frank Lisciandro, Robert Whitaker, Andrew Whittuck, Matt Sav, Chris Walter and John Byrne Cooke) and bands (The Beatles, The Doors, Tame Impala, Coldplay, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan and Black Sabbath), it’s been a massive success so far.

We had over 80 journalists and a smattering of celebs to the opening private view.

Coverage so far includes some stunners across the Independent, Evening Standard, Daily MailShortList, Don’t Panic, London on the Inside … this splendid piece on London Live … and heaps more besides …

(Coldplay image above by Kevin Westenberg)