We had to launch a beer for Virgin Trains East Coast so we took a typically lateral approach to the whole affair with a glass for “hoptimists”

Sometimes a spot of lateral thinking is required to give a story a spot more media potential than otherwise it might have on its own.

So when it came to launching a new beer for the lovely people at Virgin Trains East Coast – a pretty new project client for us at H&G – that’s just what we did.

We came up with a glass that typifies the Virgin brands upbeat and optimistic (or “hoptimistic”) view of the world … one that is always half full.

Working with a bunch of glassblowers based somewhere in the south west, we created glasses that are always half full so drinkers of Hop on Board – the new ale – always look on the brighter side of life.

Coverage included the Daily Express, The Scotsman, PSFK and a host of regional titles along the route. Glasses raised!