We are loving all the fine lines that the Harvey Nicks Xmas offering walks …

I just thought that this was worth a share and a hat tip.

Harvey Nichols has got a sense of humour and has walked a whole bunch of fine lines with their Christmas campaign.

Given the economic situation, pushing expensive designer gear was always going to be a challenge. This ad manages to do that while at the same time under-cutting the message with a) some humour and b) some unspoken messages

Given their premium brand credentials, showing the relatively wealthy people who make Harvey Nicks tick on telly would alienate a LOT of people. This ad manages to take the piss out of slightly slaggy poor birds (their ad, not mine) while making everyone feel a sense of either identification or a sense or superiority. Neat.

And given their male/female split, they’ve managed to advertise to create an ad that would appear to aim fairly and squarely at women, while at the same time cunningly suggesting to chaps that there is just a wee bit of the possibility of casual sex involved somewhere along the lines. Nicely done.

Altogether, a smart piece of creative work. Be interesting to see who shares their #walkofshame though ..