Virgin Trains makes expectant parents the centre of the story as we helped launch a “Mum-to-Be Pass” with a cravings menu

When Virgin Trains asked us to promote the launch of their new “mums-to-be-pass” – which promises pregnant women a seat even on a packed train – we decided take the topic of pregnancy one step further and come with a tweak to their menu to launch the pass with a bang.

So it was that the “Cravings Collection” was born (pardon the pun): an assortment of food items that would satisfy the taste buds of expectant women on the move.

Having established that over half of pregnant women experienced cravings whilst travelling with common sustenance urges ranging from curry to avocados to charcoal.

Armed with our findings, we curated our collection of menu items into a lunch pack that could accommodate the more unusual foods including chocolate sauce, chorizo jam and ice. The pack is even now being rolled out in select First Class carriages on trains between Euston and Manchester.

With all of that put together and ready to go, we nailed some cracking coverage, including crackers across The Sun, Metro, Daily Star, Daily Mirror (twice), HuffPo and well over 60 regional titles.

The story also found its way into the hourly news bulletins on Sky News, Heat Radio and BBC Radio 2 … with coverage continuing to come through.