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Triumph for the Hope&Glory team at the Fresh Creative and Fresh PR Awards

A couple of cracking nights were had up in Manchester at the Fresh PR Awards on Wednesday and then the Fresh Creative Awards on Friday.

Cracking in the main because the team had a glorious evening.

In the end, we managed to come away with a Bronze for Hops in a Box and a Silver for O2 Travel in the Freshest Use of Digital on Friday night.

But we’d already topped that performance bagging a Silver for O2 Travel in Freshest Consumer PR Campaign and then a trio of Golds for O2’s Walkie Talkies in Freshest CSR, for Meantime in Freshest Integrated Campaign and Gold for O2 Travel in Freshest Social Media.

That meant that all of our work was judged the best in in its category (Silver was a winning grade in a couple of them, y’see!).

What’s more, O2 Travel went on to take the Grand Prix at the Fresh PR Awards. Which capped an already awesome night and made it a whole heap sweeter.

Sweet work indeed and a cracking couple of nights in the North.