To mark the return of The Crown Series 5, set in the 90s, the Netflix team put some Gen-Z creators through their paces to create some hilarious content of them getting to grips with the nostalgic items of the time

With Netflix’s smash hit The Crown hitting UK screens for its fifth series, we were tasked with generating creative content ideas to mark the royal soap operas iconic return.

With this season’s storyline chronicling the twisting and turning goings on around the palace throughout the 1990s, mixed with a general sense of nostalgia for the aesthetics of that era seeping into popular culture today – we took a concept and ran with it.

Partnering with Gen Z, The Crown fans come tech-savvy TikTok content creators @gkbarry and @georgeclarkeey to go head to head on a series of challenges using 90’s tech, toys and fads that were big that decade.

Ranging from recording quotes from the show on a classic tape recorder to sending fax machine, programming a Nokia 3310 mobile, kickflipping a fingerboard skateboard, using a yo-yo and making a call on a rotary dial phone using the Yellow Pages.

Scripting, filming and delivering a series of comical edits in which each struggled their way through against the clock to create the ultimate culture clash across Netflix’s YouTube and TikTok channels, as well making its way onto each of our influencers’ feeds.

Landing as The Crown Series 5 hit screens, within hours of going live, the content racked up tens of thousands of unique views and more than 100,500 likes, shares and comments across earned and owned platforms.

With The Crown shooting its way to number one in the Netflix most viewed ranking, all in a fantastically enjoyable campaign delivered and offering audiences old and new immersion into the lightly fictionalised history of the British Royal family.