To help promote a street food market hosted by East Village, we’ve invented a weird and wonderful beverage… the French Fry Milkshake.

It’s a much-loved unlikely food combo, dipping salty French fries into creamy milkshake. So why not combine the two?

In a world-first for our client East Village’s E20 Street Food Market, we’ve created the French Fry Milkshake, containing actual potato.

Made from vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, cream, a dash of salt and potatoes, the delicious concoction even comes with chocolate-coated French fries for dipping.

What’s more, 250 of them will be available completely free at the Market this weekend.

The team smashed the coverage, with articles on the Daily Mail, Metro, Time Out and a whole host more.

Why have fries with that, when you can have fries in that?