This week’s wedding announcement has proven to be an awesome way for us to get people taking about Argos’ jewellery range …

So you might’ve noticed that there was an engagement announcement this week.

There are always two options.

Kill a couple of sell-ins and take the day out to do anything but talk to the Great British media. Or to find something related to talk about and hit the phones.

So we did the latter.

As soon as Meghan’s new sparkler was revealed to the world’s press, we had a swift search across the Argos website, found something that was pretty damn close – for about £33. A bargain.

A quick release later and we’d landed a belter on The Sun, Daily Express, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard, Independent, Daily Mail. Not a bad little haul.

That was followed swiftly by crackers across Huffington Post, Yahoo!Fortune … some crackers.

And then there was so much regional coverage (here, here, here, here, here, here, here … it goes on).

A swift spot of media relations and some banging coverage for the Argos jewellery range. Sweet, simple work.