This week’s entertainment has been opening Honesty Baked In – the world’s most honest cake shop – which delivered some very straight-talking messages

There’s a bit of a backstory to this one.

We were asked by the Maltesers team at Mars Wrigley to come up with a PR campaign that would help bring to life Dark Maltesers’ brand platform: “feed your dark side”. The team had come up with a cheeky ad featuring two lovers of the brand being cheekily honest about their relationships and we needed to deliver a campaign in culture that would tap into the sentiment.

A couple of sessions in, we alighted upon the idea of putting refreshingly honest messages in places that you all-too-often find saccharine sweet sentiment.

And so it was that the Dark Maltesers “Honesty Baked-In” bakery was born.

The rather fabulous pop-up offered visitors delicious Maltesers-inspired cakes with messages including “I was late because I left late”, “I stole your clothes” and “I wasn’t busy, I just didn’t want to come”. Open for one day only the whole experience created queues around the block when we opened its doors.

What’s more, the coverage was wall-to-wall with pieces across The Sun, Daily Star, Independent, Indy100, Daily Mirror, Evening Standard amongst over 150 in total across the UK media.

As a first campaign for the confectioner we’re pretty made-up with it all. Safe to say that we like our chocolate dark and our honesty baked in …