There’s no business like snow business … it’s been a cracking day for Deliveroo with an avalanche of national coverage …

We’re forever coming up with odder and odder ways to help Deliveroo get its delivery message across.

Which was how one of our number found himself in a Scottish snowstorm this week.

Yup, we announced that everyone’s favourite food delivery service is trialling delivery by ski, snowboard and snowmobile this weekend.

And a blizzard of coverage was naturally the result.

The highlights were the lead picture story for the Daily Telegraph and a full page belter in the Daily Star (we went for broad media appeal). They were complimented by a half page in the METRO, a cracking piece in CITY AM and piccies in the Daily Mail and Daily Record.

Then there was a bunch of online pieces across the nationals and regionals – with pieces in the Daily StarDaily ExpressDaily TelegraphDaily Mail the pick of the bunch.

A swift spot of news-jacking at its very best.