The team has been hard at it helping to bring the wonderful world of Airbnb Experiences to new cities … this week it was a launch in Edinburgh …

In what is the first destination outside of London to host Airbnb Experiences, the platform is now available to visitors of the Scottish capital – and the team had great fun with the announcement!

For those unfamiliar, Hosts on the people-powered hospitality platform are able to share their passions and interests with visitors from all over the world by hosting and leading what is known as an ‘Experience’. These passions and interests come in various shapes and guises, some of those in London include crafting candles and bee-keeping and go all the way through to the delights of taxidermy and life drawing.

In Edinburgh, they are just as fun!

In collaboration with VisitScotland, guests are now able to choose from 30 Edinburgh-based Experiences in the capital, aiming to bring more authentic tourism for visitors to the country. Just some of the delightful Experiences now on offer include sea kayaking with the local wildlife, making shortbread or learning to cook with a top food blogger and there’s more to come.

Hitting the phones to the Scottish media, the announcement resulted with stand-out print coverage in The Scotsman, Metro Scotland, Edinburgh Evening News, The Scottish Sun and The Herald. The online coverage also rolled in with pieces so far on The Herald, The Scotsman, Scottish Business News Network, Heart, Insider and The Daily Record.

We can’t wait to get up there to try them out!